About Us

We have great contacts and experience specifying detailed product requirements, tendering to factories, agreeing terms, and then importing to the UK and other countries. Utilising a long-standing relationship with a contact in China we now have direct supply from a highly regarded factory group producing PPE which we are bringing into the UK.

Using our connections and knowhow we are also establishing supply from manufacturers in Ireland, Portugal, Poland, and the UK.

We are organising freight ourselves with a local Surrey freight forwarder who specialise in bringing in PPE via existing supply routes and local agents.

We now intend to supply local companies from SMEs to global players, to allow their employees a safer return to work, public transport, schools and shops and other amenities as they open up.

Further products available in bulk include face shields, hand sanitiser, gloves, wipes, aprons and gowns.

As part of our dealings with government we (and they) have conducted exhaustive checks on the certification of the products and the factories producing them – all products offered here have passed that due diligence.

Jeremy & Nicky also run Woodhaven Space, an eco-venue in Horsell, Woking. They are active members of the Surrey business community, members of both the Woking and Surrey Chambers of Commerce, Eagle Radio Biz community, FSB members and Ambassadors of Surrey Event Professionals.