As of today, it will mandatory to wear a face-covering in shops. Wearing a mask mainly protects others but you can protect yourself more with a better mask – that is a matter of choice.

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Trish Greenhalgh, professor of primary care at Oxford University, says ‘There is a huge body of evidence supporting the use of face coverings in crowded places by the lay public to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus.”

She said: ‘The reason for that is that indoor environments are much much more dangerous in terms of what we call airborne transmission. If someone coughs or speaks loudly and the virus then gets into the air and it stays in that shop, in that enclosed space, so indoor environments are much more dangerous.”

When asked if evidence shows masks protect wearers, as well as those nearby, Professor Greenhalgh said, “If I’m wearing a face-covering it might protect you 80% but it might protect me 20 or 30% so there is a little bit of protection for the person wearing the covering. But it’s not nearly as much as it protects other people from the droplets coming out of the person’s mouth.”